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Fly Tying Books by Randall Kaufmann
Western Fisherman's Press

Randall Kaufmann's fly tying books and fly fishing books are the result of a lifetime of tying and worldwide angling experience. Randall Kaufmann is a leading authority on flies, fly tying, and fly fishing. His books include:

Randall's innovative and unique tying techniques have helped set the standard for commercial tying operations and hobbyists alike, and many of his patterns have become favorites throughout the fishing world, including the Kaufmann™ Stone, Timberline Emerger, Marabou Damsel, Gammarus Scud, Lake Dragon, Floating Dragon, Mirage™, Mini Leech, Bead Head Flashback Pheasant Tail, Freight Train, Hot Butt® Caddis, and Stimulator.

Randall began tying flies in the 1960s at age 14, long before there were stainless steel-carbon fiber bobbins and almost anything else one sees in a fly fishing establishment today. Within a year, Randall was selling flies to eastern Sierra sporting goods stores between Lone Pine and June Lake, California during family vacations. He was always dreaming about far-off trout waters. When he was 16, he began traveling the West during the summer. With his suitcase of tying materials, he tied flies commercially on the road, following the hatches throughout Idaho, Montana, Wyoming, Colorado, Oregon, and California, often backpacking or rafting to remote trout waters.


This Randall Kaufmann classic is out of print.  The second edition featured 1,500 patterns.

Fly Patterns by Randall Kaufmann and Mary Kaufmann is the sequel to the original Umpqua Feather Merchants volumes and features 3,600 patterns from the world's leading suppliers.

Tying and fishing with many of the great angler-tyers of the day and producing thousands of dozens of flies helped Randall refine his tying technique, ultimately allowing him to produce perfect dry flies in less than a minute. Tying two to three dozen flies per hour and 10 to 20 dozen a day was routine--and there was time for fishing, too!

Randall has taught hundreds of tyers his quick and easy tying techniques through his previous business, Kaufmann's Streamborn, Inc. and his tying and fishing schools on the Deschutes River at Maupin, Oregon.

These easy and efficient techniques are detailed in his tying books, Fly Tying Made Easy for Beginners, Tying Nymphs, and Tying Dry Flies...methods used by commercial factory tyers throughout the world, tyers who make a living producing dozens of the same fly day after day. Randall's books simplify tying and are the cornerstone of commercial tying.

Randall and his wife, Mary, who has 25 years' experience in the hospitality industry, have traveled the world by boat, raft, bush plane, helicopter, burro and on foot in search of wilderness adventures with camera, pen, and fly rod. Their travels have taken them from Alaska's Arctic Circle to tropical bonefish flats, the pristine waters of New Zealand's Southern Alps, and to remote golden trout waters of the Wind River Mountains and High Sierra.

Recently they have collaborated with major commercial fly tying operations, including Black's Flies, Ltd., Doug's Bugs, Feather Merchants, Ltd., Highland Flies, Ltd., Idylwilde, Pacific Fly Group, Riverborn Fly Company, Solitude Fly Company, Spirit River, Inc., Teeny Fly Company, and Umpqua Feather Merchants to assemble the flies and materials for Fly Patterns, which is the sequel to Fly Patterns of Umpqua Feather Merchants, with over twice as many patterns: 3,600 versus 1,500!  

Acclaim for Randall Kaufmann's books:

”The most authoritative explanations and beautiful visuals ever presented in book form.”

John Randolph, Editor, Fly Fisherman Magazine

“Fly pattern books are like cook books—you can never have too many. Randall’s lifelong experience and detailed research makes this book the one to own. I am sure you will agree. Fly Patterns is the best collection of fly recipes ever assembled.”

Jack Dennis, author of several books and DVDs,
including Tying Flies With Jack Dennis and Friends
and Western Trout Fly Tying Manual

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