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USPS Shipping Standard

For orders shipping to Alaska, Hawaii, or outside the continental USA, please contact us by phone, 971-235-8390, or via e-mail to determine the shipping cost. Thank you!

Randall Kaufmann's Bonefishing! will teach you about bonefish and how to fish for them

Fly fishing the flats for bonefish, permit, tarpon, and trevally. Photography by Brian O'Keefe; illustrations by Mike Stidham. Fly fishing for bonefish is less complicated and technical than trout fishing. Exceptional skills are not may hook bonefish during your very first adventure. This book will tell you how, where, and when.

Bonefishing by Randall KaufmannBonefishing!

You simply cannot find a more comprehensive book about bonefish and bonefishing anywhere. Stunning photos by Brian O'Keefe and beautiful illustrations by Mike Stidham will delight you each time you turn a page.

Hardbound, $79.95

A complimentary copy of Fly Tying Made Easy will be included with every book order.