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For orders shipping to Alaska, Hawaii, or outside the continental USA, please contact us by phone, 971-235-8390, or via e-mail, to determine the shipping cost. Thank you!

Fly Patterns by Randall and Mary Kaufmann: Thousands of patterns for Dries, Nymphs, Emergers, Streamers, Steelhead, Warmwater and Saltwater Fish

Fly PatternsIllustrations by Mike Stidham. Over 400 pages of patterns, with a photo and dressing for each, plus an exhaustive 40-page index and an index of tyers. The first chapter explains materials and hooks including dozens of photographs and a hook comparison chart. Seven chapters contain individual photos and dressings for nymphs, emergers, dries, streamers, steelhead, warmwater, and saltwater flies. Randall and Mary Kaufmann collaborated with major fly tying operations and fly designers to assemble the fly patterns and information contained in this encyclopedia of fly patterns.


Fly PatternsTable of Contents

Sample Page


Hardbound, $125.00


A complimentary copy of the B/W First Edition of either Tying Dry Flies or Fly Tyers Nymph Manual will be included when you order Fly Patterns.


A complimentary copy of Fly Tying Made Easy will be included with every book order.