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Tying Nymphs

Tying Nymphs by Randall Kaufmann teaches you to tie perfect nymphs with speed, ease, and efficiency.

Tying NymphsRandall Kaufmann has taught thousands of students his quick, easy tying techniques through his angling stores, his tying classes on the Deschutes River, and his series of tying instruction books. His first book, The American Nymph Tying Manual, was the basis for his second, The Fly Tyers Nymph Manual, winner of the United Fly Tyers "Book of the Year" award. Tying Nymphs is a distillation of all of the contents of the first two books...and much more.

As with all of Randall's tying books, the first section of the book is an introduction to the tools, materials, and basic tying techniques required. The bulk of the book is a series of chapters that take you from the simplest nymph pattern through ever-more complex patterns, with each teaching you a new technique. The Pattern Directory at the back of the book has photos and dressings of even more nymphs.

Tying Nymphs


Full-sized back cover

Table of Contents

Sample Chapter: Emergent Sparkle Pupa

Sewn Softbound, $32.95

Concealed Wirebound, $42.95




A complimentary copy of Fly Tying Made Easy will be included with every book order.